Exit 8 Book

Named after the old (now renamed) highway exit of my youth that led to an area known as The Golden Isles, off the coast of Georgia.

The series centers around one island in particular, Sea Island, where my extended family has vacationed together since the ‘60s. These photos were taken shortly after The Sea Island Company completely renovated The Cloister Hotel and beach club. The old historic retreat was bulldozed in favor of a larger, more opulent structure only to be blindsided by the 2008 financial collapse. The once privately owned hotel was sold off to investors.

In the face of this change, these photos depict a family going through it’s own transition, surrounded by the wilds of time and nature. These photos serve not to document this place, but rather to present a personal experience particular to the photographer, where generations pass, children are born, and the tides keep crashing.

Welcome to Exit 8.

-Tatum Shaw

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